News and events

News and events

Transnational Partner Meeting in Berlin
On the 6th and 7th of March FHM has hosted in Berlin the second Transnational Partner Meeting of the GIF project. 

During the meeting, partners have been working on the first draft of the Competence Framework, which will be presented to stakeholders in May to receive their feedback and then be able to consolidate the final version.

The first draft of the Short Learning Program curriculum has also be discussed.

 Moreover, the meeting has been the opportunity to work in person and consolidate the relationship between partners and institutions.


2nd Newsletter

On February 2023 was issued the 2nd Newsletter. If you are curious about the results achieved and the next steps, please open this file.
Regulation in the Fashion Industry

The European Commission has set the goal to completely move away from fast fashion by 2030, and make the fashion industry circular. This would mean that all textile products placed on the EU market should be durable, recyclable, and repairable. Additionally, it should be free from any toxins and should be made with the environmental and social impact in mind. To reach this goal, the European Commission has introduced its first campaign. This campaign is called the ReSet the Trend and the aim is to raise awareness amongst European citizens on sustainable fashion.

The environmental cost of our clothing consumption habit

As consumers, simply asking ourselves if we really need something before we buy is a vital step to cutting how much we consume.If we really do need something, opting for second-hand first and exploring alternative business models like sharing or leasing can really help to keep products in use for longer and lessen the environmental impact of our purchasing decisions.For example in Scotland leasing models exist for everything from clothing and toys to DIY equipment, and even commercial lighting.

Opting for ‘alternative’ business models over outright ownership sends a powerful market signal that consumers want more sustainable choices, which can help drive further circular economy innovation.

Businesses have a part to play too, from designing products for easy repair to embedding reuse and recyclability. The circular economy represents an opportunity for brands to close the gap on their net zero objectives, futureproof their operations, and respond to customer demand for more sustainable options.

1st Infographic

On January 2023 the first GIF infographic has been issued. Go through it to discover the first project results already achieved!

GIF Brochure

The GIF Brochure is now online, you can consult it in the six consortium languages!

1st Newsletter

On September 2022 the first Newsletter was issued.
If you wish to know more about the GIF project and the next steps, please open this file

GIF Project Kick-off meeting
On May 19th UNINETTUNO, in a consortium with seven organizations from Greece, Germany, Italy, Spain and Romania has launched the GIF Erasmus + project, which will last 24 months. For more info, please read the news on:
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